The Power of Community News

One year ago, on August 4th, the unthinkable happened. 191 millimetres of rain fell on the City of Burlington. More than 3,500 homes were flooded and the devastating rain caused more than $90 million in damages according to estimates by the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

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Teams rock

French poet Gérard de Nerval once said "The first man who compared woman to a rose was a poet, the second, an imbecile." Ahh, the good-old cliché. Perhaps de Nerval was a bit harsh. Clichés are often maligned as timeworn, hackneyed and unworthy phrases but sometimes only a cliché will do.

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Listen up leaders!

Great leaders are consistent and dependable. They develop and build trust with their stakeholders and can be counted on in good, bad and downright ugly situations.

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Presenting like a pro

Presentations can be a nightmare for some and smooth as silk for others. For many, speaking in front of a large group of people is as appealing as nails on a chalkboard. For others it is a source of adrenaline that feeds their soul.

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Building trust is key to a strong culture.

Trust is the glue that binds all relationships. A loss of that trust (or a lack of trust to begin with) fractures relationships, sometime irrevocably. One of the most important aspects of developing a strong culture within family, group of friends or an organization, is to create an open, trustworthy environment where people feel safe and protected.

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So you want to be a media darling?

Public relations isn’t simply free advertising. In fact, it isn’t like advertising at all.

I wish I had a dollar for every person or business who asked me to help them “create buzz” about their product or service. Or better yet, can you make this video “go viral”?   Alas, I would be a very rich woman.

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Rob Ford’s PR stunts getting lamer

Rob Ford continues to embark on a mayoral campaign that goes against all conventional public relations wisdom. The latest move took place late in the day yesterday when he held an impromptu press conference outside his office to announce that Ben Johnson and a Trailer Park boy have joined his campaign team. This may be the lamest of moves yet.

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Change is a good thing

The new year is time to resolve that we will work smarter, eat better and exercise more. This year we are going to change. Right?!?

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